Pioneer Woman and YC's Guy

The Pioneer Woman's cookbook came out and she was speaking and doing a booksigning at a store in Tempe last night. So, I talked my sister into going out there with me with bribes of going to a yummy stir fry restaurant.

The pictures are of this hilarious guy in line with us making his stir-fry bowl....he was DEFinitely getting his $10 worth out of the buffet! I'm pretty sure he packed in at least a full pound of Alaskan cod before he even started adding veggies. I asked him if I could take his pic, he said sure. Just so you know I did NOT eat that much! But if you're going to be out in the east valley you should definitely try out YC's--you get to make your own bowl of stir fry, add a sauce, and then watch the guys fry it up for you. It's really healthy and a great price.

Anyway, off to the book signing we went. I LOVE Pioneer Woman. She is my favorite food blogger, or really my favorite blogger in general. She's funny, entertaining and her food is SO good. I don't go to concerts or follow stars....so for me to drive an hour to see Pioneer Woman I felt a little stalker-ish. It was fun to see her in person....then came the line. The. Line. They gave out letters to let you know which group you could line up in. I got "M". When I finally gave up and left at 9:15 pm....they were on "B". So, hats off to you Pioneer Woman, you have quite the following. I'm just not as loyal as some. My friend stayed the whole time and she didn't get home until 1:30!!! That's devotion! My devotion is conditional and seems to end at 10 pm!

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