Money Saving Moday--Check Your Pockets

I've learned the hard way that checking pockets can really save you money. I don't specialize in laundry. I specialize in cooking. Therefore, when I do laundry I do two loads: colors & whites and I force everything into one of those categories. I spray the kids' clothes with stain spray and when they out-grow things I throw away everything that is stained. That's my laundry stand. I know I could soak their clothes in oxy clean and cold water before washing and get every single stain out...but I just don't, it's not worth the time it costs to me. BUT taking ten seconds to check your pockets is a great idea.

I don't keep things in my pockets. I am not one of those people who has ever accidentally found $20 in my pants. We don't just misplace money around here. BUT Rob does keep things in his pockets. Like sharpies, red pens, and passports. This I know because I have washed all of those things and it cost us some moohlah. The red pen mostly came out with hairspray....but some things had to be thrown away. The passport was the big spender. I washed his passport and it cost us over $150 to get his passport replaced and rush-delivered so he could use it again to go to China.

All that to say: learn from my mistakes, check your pockets before washing clothes.

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