Money Saving Monday--Make your own Birthday Cake

One way to save loads of cash is to make your own birthday cakes. Now, as previously stated (numerous times) I don't bake. But--guess what? It turns out toddlers don't care if you bake cake from scratch of use a box! So what I have done the last few years for my son's birthday isfind the cake that he wants on the internet and follow someone else's guidelines. It works. Really. I dare you--google any cake you can think (dragon cake is definitely a strange one) you'll find something.

At 2 he was obsessed (truly obsessed) with the movie Cars, so I found a racetrack cake. At 3 he insisted on a Spiderman cake. This year my son has been asking for a dragon cake for months. I do not know where he got that idea...but he did so what do you do? I went here and found amazing instructions and my dragon cake actually turned out cute. I think I spent $5-$7 total on the cake...which is much less than ordering a cake from a store. So happy baking! Try it out!

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  1. You have set the bar for birthday cakes...I hope Jack doesn't remember Robbie's dragon cake come his bday in Feb...but I may just take you up on your dare! I think he wants a Spiderman cake, but we'll see if that changes...

  2. ahh thanks! You can do it and you're so creative your cake will kick my cake's butt.