Eating through Europe

We are back from our two weeks in Europe. We LOVED it. We are so blessed that Rob's grandparents took our entire family on this trip! (And that my sister kept my younger child so she didn't go!) I am sure that everyone needs to travel through Europe in their lifetime ...or at least Italy which is my favorite place ever. So to taunt you, I took a few pictures of the food we were eating and I thought I'd show you all. We ate a LOT and I got tired of taking pictures so these pics are of food early on but certainly not inclusive of the amazing delicacies we had--just a teeny tiny snapshot!

The first picture--creamy risotto with seared scallops...in Paris. It was so good. My husband's family is kind of finicky when it comes to food so we ate a lot of pizza at first. But this meal was amazing and French.

Second we have chantrelle mushroom and cheese stuffed ravioli with seared duck foie grois. (Duck liver---it does not taste like liver). Super yummy creamy sauce with a red wine reduction drizzle. This was an amazing dish and super "French" which was my hope. We also ate this in Paris.

Our first meal in Venice (which is my favorite place on earth so far). Consisted of this lasagna. We ate right on a canal at an adorable little restaurant with Rob's aunt and uncle and dipped homemade Italian bread into the best tasting olive oil in the world! This lasagna had a vodka sauce which was soo delicious. I promptly topped this meal off with a giant scoop of mango gelatto--yum!

And of course finally, a beautiful caprese salad. This picture does not do justice to the tomatoes--they were deep dark red tomatoes, the best ever! If I were to ever gain a hundred pounds, it would be in Italy--gelatto, pasta, pizza...oh my!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the amazing Greek food we ate with Rob's sister and brother in-law who are foodies like us. Every stop on the weeklong cruise we got off with them and ate gyros, lamb souvlaki, tsatziki with fresh pita, lots of baklava....the list goes on. I have to admit being pregnant on this trip was kind of nice!
Tomorrow--all American ribs...as much as we loved Europe, there's no place like home!

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