Turkey Cheddar Chile Sandwich

This sandwich is really good.  Like, really good.  I mean everyone should make it.  We had this on a Saturday afternoon for lunch and the entire family (sans the baby) scarfed it down.  Rob ate it so fast I had to hurry and snap a picture before the entire thing was gone.

You can do a lot with a grilled cheese sandwich, you could use a combination of a number of different cheeses, use ham instead of turkey, and a roasted red pepper would be great instead of a green chile.

I used the delicious sourdough bread I get from the produce co-op...it is SO good.  But whole grain bread would be good too. 

Turkey Cheddar Chile Sandwich
*recipe makes 4 sandwiches, adjust according to how many you want.

8 slices Sourdough Bread
8 slices turkey deli meat
4 slices cheddar
4 Tb cream cheese
4 whole green chiles (in a small can of whole green chiles there is typically four)
Tomato Slices
4 Tb softened Butter

Heat an electric skillet to 350 or a regular skillet to medium heat.  Butter one side of each slice of bread.  To make the sandwiches, spread 1 Tb cream cheese on one slice of bread, top with 2 slices turkey, tomato slices, 1 green chile, and end with a cheddar cheese slice.  Grill the sandwiches on one side until golden brown, flip carefully with a spatula and grill the other side to golden brown.  Serve immediately!

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