Breakfast Sandwich

Lately I've been taking my diet a little more seriously. Elise is almost a year old and I still have 10 pounds to go. The thought of getting pregnant again while still chubby makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit because I remember all too clearly how difficult it is to lose the weight after the baby. SO I'm going to be posting healthier recipes than I probably would normally. BUT I promise to only post recipes that are delicious.

This sandwich is healthy, low in calories but tastes reeeaaalllly good. AND it is less expensive than McDonalds. AAAND it takes less time to make than sitting in the drive-thru. It took me five minutes to make this sandwich, so YOU can make this for breakfast....you do have time!

Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich
1 English Muffin (use light or double fiber if you're watching your waistline)

1 strip bacon, cooked crisply (I used turkey bacon which doesn't really taste like real bacon, but it's good)

1/2 cup egg beaters OR 2-3 egg whites

1 slice 2%milk American Cheese

1 tsp. mayo (I use the olive oil low-fat mayo it tastes good)

salt, pepper, garlic powder

Stick the muffin in the toaster while you scramble your eggs with a little salt, pepper, and garlic. When the eggs are done, place your cheese on top and let it melt. When the muffin is toasted add mayo, bacon and carefully put the eggs and cheese on. You seriously don't even need a recipe for this---it's sooo easy.

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