Cowboy Burgers

As you probably know if you've read my blog more than once I'm very frugal. So I'm always surveying the meat case to see if there's anything they have on clearance. You can find amazing deals on meats that need to be sold in the next 48 hours. I either freeze the meats I find or use them in the next day or two.

I love to use turkey products to save on fat/calories and I was able to find some JennieO turkey burgers for $1.79 so I was super excited and grabbed all three packages. I made these burgers with one package and they were really yummy. In fact my husband was kind of irritated at the sound of turkey burgers because he looooves burgers, but he was NOT disappointed. Somehow topping turkey with bacon, colby, an onion ring, and mayo makes it a little less turkey-y.

Cowboy Burgers
4 burgers
worcestershire sauce
barbecue sauce for basting
4 strips crisply cooked bacon (I used regular pork for Rob's, and turkey bacon for mine)
4 slices colby or cheddar cheese
1 batch oven fried onion rings (Or I suppose you can use a frozen onion ring, but why?)
4 fresh bakery rolls

The afternoon you're going to make the burgers sprinkle them with worcestershire sauce and let them marinate in the fridge. Get your onion rings all prepped and into the oven. Grill the burgers, basting with barbecue sauce on both sides. A minute before you pull the burgers off top with the cheese and close the grill to let it melt. In the meantime slice the rolls and toast them in the oven under the broiler. (Watch them closely--they burn fast!) Once the burgers are cooked, place them on the bun, top with bacon and an onion ring, and spread some mayo on the top bun. Enjoy with the leftover onion rings and a cold beer. (Or a diet coke if you hate beer and are pregnant, like me.)

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