Money Saving Monday: Make your own...Potatoes

I'm all for time-savers, really. When you have children, laundry, cooking, cleaning, .... you need a time saver here and there. But I'm also all for saving money so sometimes it's a give and take.

This week at Fry's a 5-lb bag of russet potatoes was $.59. You just can't beat that. So--instead of using Yukon Gold's in my potato salad, I used those. I also used some whole potatoes to make shredded potatoes for a breakfast casserole instead of buying a frozen bag of pre-shredded potatoes. Then I used some for mashed potatoes on top of my Shepherd's Pie tonight and I'll bake a few and dice them for breakfast burritos later on this week. Over all I'm sure I have saved over $7 just by taking the time to make my own potatoes, or subbing a more grainy Russet potato for the creamier yukons.

So--all this to say that you can really save money by making your own sometimes--and it pays off!

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