Candy Buffet

It seems l have a habit of turning "little" gatherings turn into big parties. I don't really know what happens but it just does. So Elise's teeny tiny little family birthday party was no exception to that happening. So since I was at it, I decide to do a candy buffet instead of favors. I mean, why not? She'll obviously be super appreciative and remember it forever.
The buffet turned out really cute and I thought maybe someone else could benefit from the pictures. I wanted pink and white because I'm desperately trying to stay away from Dora or Princesses or Barbie or really any other completely overdone and addictive theme because I figured we've got lots of years for that! If you wanted to do a candy buffet you can obviously do any color, theme, whatever. I even threw a little vase of balloons in there and the kids loved that. Then, with the parents help the kids (and adults!) each made a little celophane bag to take home. It went over really well.
I used all clear-glass containers. Some were cute little jars, vases, bowls, whatever you can find. I borrowed some from a friend found a couple at a yard sale, removed some dried flowers from another....whatever. Varying sizes looks cute and it seems to look better when the jars are almost full so plan that when buying your candy!

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