Money Saving Monday...on Tuesday: Groceries

Sorry for the delay. Turns out Mondays are ALWAYS really busy, so--better late than never (which is what happened last week!)

I have had a few people question my grocery budget/spending. So I thought this week I would show you what I got. I didn't need a lot of meat because of my constant stockpiling when things are on sale. The only meat I bought was a couple packages of Turkey Store turkey burgers because they were marked way down. I do have to give a small disclaimer though: I have been spending more on groceries since starting this blog. I mean, I can't be posting classless recipes now can I? Although some of you may be questioning the "class" of the baked sloppy joes or the double queso dips, but hey--we like it.

I wold also like to point out that I have only 2 small children that love to eat but do not eat like adults. And also that do not really care for milk. So that cuts out some expenses right there. (AND if you're questioning the amount of produce on my table, I had made a trip to Sprouts last Wed and stocked up so I didn't need a lot of fruit/veggies)
Anyway, all that to say--for the naysayers you CAN spend less on groceries by using coupons and cooking with ingredients that are in your stockpile or are on sale that week.

Yesterday I went to Fry's and used my coupons and menu-plan and spent $63.00 on all of these groceries including:
5 boxes granola bars
1 box fruit snacks
whole wheat english muffins
corn tortillas
tortilla chips
crackers (saltines & wheat thins)
5 packages cheese (name brand)
turkey burgers
frozen meatballs (suuuper classy)
apple juice
toilet paper
honey mustard
cream cheese
sour cream
ice cream (lots of creams here people)
whole wheat frozen waffles
4 pkgs spices
1 lb dried red beans
canned tomatoes
2 sticks deoderant
and a partridge in a pear tree.

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  1. Anonymous2/2/10

    Frys was having some CRAZY deals this week! The Sargento Cheese alone made it a trip must...good job!

    Mellissa Wiles