Mad Scientist and Other Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

We are attempting to stick to our budget, live within our means and not spend money on unneccesary things so that we can hopefully send our children to college and be more generous.  One way we cut down is by not buying Halloween costumes this year.  I know that sounds nutty, but we were able to borrow or make everything by using stuff we already had and it was actually kind of fun.  Well, fun for me, I guess we could ask  my mom how fun it was since she was the one who sewed my oldests Indiana Jones vest.  My oldest son's school had a Fall Festival last week so we got to dress up early.

Here we have:
Indiana Jones-- We borrowed the hat, whip and satchel from a friend whose son was Indie last year. Although if you needed to buy it, the whip and satchel are super cheap on Amazon with 2-day shipping available. Grammy made the vest with brown fabric I bought for $3.00 so total out of pocket was $3.00 for this! (I told him he couldn't take the whip to school so he traded it out for two guns...which he also didn't get to take to school.)

A Princess--She's wearing a dress-up dress that has seen better days, but I forgot to get her borrowed Snow White costume before the Fall Festival! Total spent on this is $1.00 at the dollar store for a crown. On Halloween she will be Snow White and I did buy some red ribbon for her hair so total on her costume(s)--$2.00 (with leftover ribbon for another project.)

Mad Scientist-- This is my favorite!  I got this idea from my friend after she hosted an unreal Mad Scientist Birthday Party for her son, complete with science experiments, lab coats and goggles, and a petri dish filled with gummy worms as a party favor.  I figured I could make my youngest play this part because we joke that his hair looks like Einstein's.  It worked out great.  I borrowed the bow tie from my sister, he wore a shirt and pants he already had, and I purchased the glasses from the Dollar Store and the boys size 6 shirt (lab coat) from the Goodwill 50% off sale for $1.50 so total spent on this costume was $2.50. 

Total Spent for three Halloween Costumes: $7.50...not too shabby!  As for the cost of a Halloween Block Party complete with a nacho bar and apple cider.....a little more than that but we love doing it!!

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