Quick Halloween Food Ideas

This post is coming a little later than I planned...but I have loads of recipes on here that would make any Halloween a little tastier and more festive!  We have always done chili for Halloween but this year we are changing things up and doing a nacho bar. We are providing nacho sauce, chips, salsa, jalapenos and drinks and the neighbors are bringing more nacho toppings. I'll post pictures later, I'm excited! However, I have been on a strict chicken, egg whites, fruits and veggies diet the last 2 days in preparation!

Some of my favorite warm, fall-y foods/drinks that you could make quickly with one fast run to the store are:

All-American Chili  We have made this four years running for our Halloween Block Party!  Quick to make and easy to keep warm in the crockpot until your trick-or-treaters are hungry for some real food.  (My trick-or-treaters haven't ever been hungry for real food, but it could happen to you.)

Chorizo Queso Super quick and addictive! I can definitely make a meal out of this... and there's no better time to eat some super processed cheese than directly before 16 miniature candy bars.

Pumpkin Lattes OR Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup-- A little adult treat for trick or treaters.  Hot Apple Cider would be super tasty for non-coffee drinkers.  I'm making a big batch of the cider for the neighbors (annnd myself). Just in case the hot apple cider doesn't have enough sugar already I like to drizzle caramel sauce in it and top with whipped cream, yum!

Pumpkin Cookies or Pumpkin Cupcakes Only two ingredients and low fat!

Caramel Apples These are so yummy and a great way to use up some of a 40lb case of apples. If one was so inclined to buy a case of apples.


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