Thanksgiving is around the corner!

I can't believe how quickly November has flown by! We are excited about planning for Thanksgiving and I wanted to organize some great holiday food.  These should get you off to a good start if you're cooking for Thanksgiving and need some simple ideas.

    Cranberry Salsa.  This is super over some cream cheese or just plain with tortilla chips!

    1-2-3 Dip. So yummy and easy to throw together.

    Traditional Roasted Turkey. Don't be intimidated this is a very simple recipe!

    Creamy Mashed Potatoes. Great with or without gravy.

    Kale Salad. This can be made ahead of time which comes in handy when you're preparing multiple items for one day.

    Sweet & Salty Acorn Squash.  We love this, it's really simple to prepare with few ingredients and only needs to bake in the oven a few minutes just before serving.  Very Thanksgiving-ish!

    Truffled Green Beans. You can skip the mushrooms if that's not your thing.

    Strawberry Jello Salad.  This is a family tradition, wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it!

    Upside Down Pumpkin Pie.  Wouldn't be Thanksgiving without pumpkin something.  This is great because there's no dealing with delicate pie crust.

    Pear Crisp with Caramel Sauce.  We've had some really great pears the last few weeks and I made this for our Community Group, it's a hit. 

    Skinny Pumpkin Cookies.  These are a great idea if you're watching your waistline.

    Happy Eating!!


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